The Domestic Violence Industry Propaganda of Lies

How does the Domestic Violence Industry’s Propaganda of Lies Destroys Families and Society?

The Feminist Domestic Violence Industry’s Propaganda of Lies which purpose is to Indoctrinate the public that:

– Women are Good, Men are Bad!
– Women are helpless Victims, Men are Perpetrators!
– Women need Help and Protection, Men must be Restrained, Prosecuted and Jailed!

There are Laws, Court and Police practices that encourage an epidemic of False Accusations of Domestic Violence, Abuse and Rape in this country. Women gain from False Accusations

– Why?

That Feminist Domestic Violence Industry’s Dogma and Ideology is now Indoctrinated into Politics, the Government, Courts, Police and General Public.

– Why?

VAWA, The Violence Against Women Act is a Federal Legislation that grant $ to the Feminist Domestic Violence Industry. The majority of this money is used for propaganda… it is used to brain-wash whoever is gullible with the Sick, Venomous Feminist Doctrines which in effect are:

– spreading male-hate (Misandry),
– creating and encouraging ongoing conflict between the sexes,
– maligning Men, Fathers and boys in every possible way.

– Why?


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